Krishna International School

Art Class

Art Class Art instruction helps children with the development of motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness. Visual arts teach learners about color, layout, perspective, and balance: all

Dance & Music

Dance & Music Immersing children in musical activities like dancing helps boost brain power. Not only does music release a chemical in the brain that has a key role in setting

Tour & Picnic

Tour & Picnic School picnics are an integral part of personality development of children, as they get to explore unique things, and think out of the box. With the growing

Annual Function

Annual Function An annual function is one that occurs once a year in the school. It is a school-sponsored event that allows students to showcase their talents, overcome stage fear, gain

Value Education

Value Education Value education in schools plays a major part in individual’s life. Value based education can shape their future and add purpose to their life. It helps them learn to

Morning prayer

Morning Prayer Morning prayer, done with the rest of the school, allows every individual to start the day on a positive note. The prayers, the words of wisdom and motivational passages

Sports Day

Sports Day Sports day is an occasion where pupils, teachers, and parents come together for a day of competitive sport. Some schools choose to offer medals or prizes to the winners

Yoga Day

Yoga Day He encouraged students to practice regular yoga to remain fit and improve concentration. Regular practice of yoga will surely help our students achieve a better life, physically, mentally