Krishna International School


Our school has an outdoor volleyball court which provides the needed environment to play volleyball. The dedicated volleyball coaches ensure that the students learn the accurate way to play this sport and have the best experience while learning it.


Badminton is the nations number one racket sport with over a million people playing each month. We have many popular age-specific programmes that welcome you onto court, regardless of age or ability guaranteeing an experience you can trust and enjoy.


Why skating is important for students? Skating for kids is a great way to improve balance and coordination. Skating helps kids develop a sense of balance and coordination. They learn how to control their speed and direction and stop and start smoothly. These are essential skills for any activity, not just skating!


School playgrounds are a promising setting to promote children's physical activity for sustained health outcomes. School playgrounds provide accessible physical activity opportunities for all types of children being a safe, supervised setting

Javelin Throw

The objective of Javelin Throw is to throw a spear-like structure (technically called as javelin) with your bare hands with maximum force so that it will land within a prescribed marking area. The game is played in both men's and women's category.


Kabaddi does not require any kind of sports equipment so it is a very cheap sport. It is played between two teams, each team consists of 7 players. In this game, two courts are made for both the team. A player of the team speaks kabaddi - kabaddi and tries to touch the player of the other team.

Shot Put

Being one of the most popular sports in school, Shot Put is played by a large number of students. We have a dedicated shot put coach and a well-equipped sports department to help the budding players in every way they can.

Trekking Camp

Our Adventure Camps for Schools are designed to help kids learn something challenging from the outdoors. We hope to tickle their imagination and infuse positive attitude by helping them live the uncertain, and accomplish the impossible.

Cricket Tournament

It puts the players through a toiling battle and tests their mettle, talent, and fighting spirit to the very extreme. There is no easy way out. Players have to fight it out with every once of what they have till the sun sets.

Playground Equipment

Playgrounds of all shapes and sizes offer kids the opportunity to play. The bright colors and stimulating configurations of a great playground can engage kids in ways they don’t experience anywhere else, giving them a chance to let their imaginations run wild. While playgrounds have evolved over the years to include more safety and accessibility features, you’ll find many staples at any kid-approved play site.